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Rediscover Your African And Afro-Caribbean Roots
We serve as a dedicated source for authentic and premium products hailing from Nigeria and the Caribbean. Our mission is to offer businesses and individuals access to a wide array of traditional items, encompassing religious and spiritual articles, specialty foods and beverages, and beyond.

For The Mind, The Body And The Spirit
Discovering authentic products from Afro-Caribbean regions can be challenging yet vital for nourishing the spirit and body. We meticulously curate a diverse product list, catering to individual preferences. From jewelry, clothing, and art to food, cooking essentials, and spiritual items, we aim to provide a comprehensive selection for the soul and spirit.

Food And Beverage
Reconnect with your ancestors' homeland as you explore our extensive selection of foods, beverages, and ingredients. Whether you seek traditional cooking herbs like dried Yoruba or Chinese pepper, or essentials like red palm oil, our shop boasts one of the largest collections. Gain convenient access to the unique ingredients you require, all from the comfort of your home.


Art, Jewelry, And Clothing
Infuse your home and daily attire with the richness of African and Afro-Caribbean life. Explore our shop featuring the Yoruba 3-piece set and Orisha headwear for special occasions, uniquely designed African bracelets, drums, rattles, and more. Celebrate your culture comfortably within the confines of your home.

Religious And Spiritual Products
Afro Caribe Botanica offers customers access to exquisite, authentic, and meaningful products to satisfy your religious or spiritual desires. This includes statues and figurines like Eshu and Congo Nkisi, as well as items like incense, holy water, special shells and stones, and more.

Traditional African Head Wrap

Find Peace And A Sense Of Belonging
Discover a vast selection of items in our shop, all aimed at fostering a sense of connection, peace, and restored belonging to African and Afro-Caribbean culture. Whether you're yearning for a sense of home or seeking a deeper connection, our shop strives to offer unique, specialty items not commonly found in traditional stores worldwide.

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