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Orisha NFT Collection

Reconnect With Your African And Afro-Caribbean Culture
Afro Caribe Botanica is a specialty provider of authentic and high-quality products from Nigeria and the Caribbean. 
We believe in providing businesses and personal practitioners with access to traditional Nigerian and Caribbean products, including religious and spiritual items, specialty foods and beverages, and more.

For The Mind, The Body And The Spirit
Finding access to genuine products from Afro-Caribbean regions is a challenge, but necessary to feed the spirit and body of many. We carefully curate our list of products to include a wide range of items needed to suit individual preferences. This includes jewelry, clothing, and art, as well as food and cooking items, and spiritual and religious items for the soul and spirit.

Food And Beverage
Reconnect with your ancestor’s homeland by sorting through our many food, beverages, and ingredients.
Whether you’re looking for a traditional cooking herb like dried Yoruba or Chinese pepper, or red palm oil, our shop features one of the largest collections of items.
Get access to the unique ingredients you need without leaving home.


Art, Jewelry, And Clothing
Embrace African and Afro-Caribbean life by bringing it directly into your home and everyday wear. Our shop includes the Yoruba 3-piece set and Orisha headwear for special occasions, uniquely designed African bracelets, drums and rattles, and much more. Celebrate your culture in the comfort of your own home.

Religious And Spiritual Products
Afro Caribe Botanica offers customers access to exquisite, authentic, and meaningful products to satisfy your religious or spiritual desires. This includes statues and figurines like Eshu and Congo Nkisi, as well as items like incense, holy water, special shells and stones, and more.

Traditional African Head Wrap

Find Peace And A Sense Of Belonging
No matter what product you’re looking for, our huge selection of items focus on bringing you a sense of connection, peace, and restored belonging to African and Afro-Caribbean culture.

Whether you’re missing home or just looking to feel connected, our shop hopes to provide those unique, speciality items you won’t be able to find in traditional stores and shops across the world.

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