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Celebrate And Embrace Your Roots With

 Afro-Caribe Botanica

 Afro-Caribe Botanica is a unique, one-stop-shop for all things African and Caribbean.

Finding specialty items outside of rural and tropical regions in Africa and the Caribbean islands is a challenge, if not impossible.

Many of these unique products are not only difficult to find, but can often be expensive as well.

We work to ethically source our products and shop items in a way that keeps them affordable

and accessible to those looking to reconnect with their roots. 


Check out our shop today !


Our focus is to provide customers with a full range of unique and everyday products that are conveniently and quickly delivered to your door.

There’s no longer a need to hunt and scour so-called ‘authentic’ shops in your area when Afro-Caribe Botanica can bring you what you need. 

Authentic & Affordable

Most of our unique products are sourced directly from Africa and the Caribbean to bring authentic and unique items to your front door.

With items that are locally found and sourced, we bring you an opportunity to both find the specialty items you need as well as support those sourcing such items and products.

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