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A Chocolate-Toned Woman With Black Wooly Hair And Dark Red Lips. On Her Head Sits A Crown Made Of Bones With A Golden Base And A Small Golden Disk In The Center. She Is Wearing A Long Dress With A Split On The Right Side Of Her Thigh. Her Dress Alternates In Nine Different Colors. A Small Golden Disk Lies On Her Right Shoulder. A Bone Necklace With A Skull Pendant Hangs From Her Neck. She Is Wearing A Golden Band Around Each Arm And A Green Belt Around Her Waist With A Golden Disk At The Center. Her Left Arm Is Bent Downward With Her Hand On Her Waist. In Her Right Hand, She Holds A Black Horsetail Whisk, With Her Arm Bent Upward. She Is Standing Center Of A Foggy, Colorless Black And White Cemetery Filled With Tombstones.

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