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A Caramel Colored Woman With Wavy Two-Toned Shoulder Length Hair That Blends From Light Brown In The Front To Indigo In The Back. Her Eyes Are The Color Of A Shallow Sea, And Her Lips Are Fire Red. On Her Head Sits A Silver Trident Crown With Blue Gems And A Diamond In The Center. A Necklace Of Three Large Pearl Shells Hangs Around Her Neck While A Belt Of Seven Smaller Pearl Shells Rests Upon Her Hips. She Is Wearing A Royal Blue Dress With A Split On Each Side. Her Left Arm Is Extended From Her Side With Her Elbow Bent And Hand Held Upward. A Blue Scarf Flows From Her Left Arm Down To Her Dress. Her Right Arm Is Positioned Downward With A White Scarf Draped Around Her Forearm. She Stands In Front Of A Dark Ocean With Fierce Waves Crashing Behind Her As The Sky Transitions From Gloomy To Bright.

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