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A Young Cinnamon-Hued Woman With Dark Flowing Hair. On Her, Head Sits A Golden Crown With A Large Diamond In The Center. Four Golden Rings Adorn Her Hair. She Is Wearing A Yellow Bustier Top With Four Strips Of Lace Connecting To Her Yellow Skirt. In The Center Of Her Top Is A Small Diamond. A Large Diamond Sits On The Left Side Of Her Waist. Her Left Arm Is Gripped By Two Golden Arm Bands. Her Right Arm Is Encircled By A Golden Spiraled Arm Band And Two Golden Bangles Rest Loosely On Her Forearm And Wrist. She Is Holding A Fan Made From A Large Peacock Feather In Her Right Hand. Both Her Hands Are Positioned Over Her Head In A Dancing Gesture As She Looks Towards The Right. She Stands In The Center Of A Tropical Oasis With Waterfalls Flowing From Green Hills On To A Turquoise River As A Sailor Travels Upstream.

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